Wednesday, 8 December 2010

An introduction...

Hello to all who may read this blog!

I shall just explain briefly about what the year ahead (although I have begun this blog rather late!) entails. I have chosen to study Urbanism for my final year and am part of a 6 man group who's focus area of study is Istanbul in Turkey (For more information about the site please see our group website: We have 3 units to complete over the course of the year:

- Urban Readings (Semester 1) 25%
- Written Thesis (Semester 1) 25%
- Design Thesis (Semester 2) 50%

The Urban Readings unit is a collective effort by our 6 man team and will consist of our research and readings into Istanbul and our site in particular. This will be heavily informed by a study trip that we took during October 2010.

The written thesis will consist of an investigation (around 8000 words) into an area of particular interest, in relation to urbanism. This piece may or may not be linked to our design thesis that will be undertaken in semester 2.

Our design thesis forms half of our overall mark for the year and is a design project to be primarily based somewhere within our site in Istanbul.

This blog will contain selected works from all three areas of study and track my personal progress throughout the year.

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